Sunday, October 14, 2007

Supporting Other Hobbyists

Why Support Other Hobbyists
When I go out looking to purchase certain fish the first place I think of is to go to a fish store (local of course). That is probably everyone's first thought. The second would be to look online. Lately however I have been a bit more thoughtful when I intend to purchase a fish. I would like my livestock to be captive bred. I would like to know it is healthy and that the fish have been cared for well prior to me acquiring them. Now, having a local store you can trust is helpful, however they have no impact on what happened to the fish before it arrived in their store. Buying from big online stores gives you the same problem. Lately I have been looking to other hobbyists when I want to make a fish purchase. Generally fish coming from other hobbyist are going to be healthier and more adjusted to captivity. They will have been nurtured and cared for prior to coming to your home. They will be packed carefully because the hobbyist does not what anything bad to come to the fish he or she has put so much time and attention into raising. All of these things will increase your success with the fish and help push the aquarium hobby to being more self sustaining. If we continue to rely on wild caught fish to make up most of our stock we will soon be out of a hobby as fish become more and more threatened due to habitat loss. Supporting fellow hobbyists who are breeding is good for them, you and the fish.

How To Support Them
Many people may not know how to go about supporting their fellow hobbyist. Where do you find them to support them? Well, one of the easiest ways is to join a local fish club. Another is to meet people online, such as here on Some hobbyist make up websites, such as "MG's" Angelfish Gardens (a great place to get well bred, well cared for angelfish). Another way to support other hobbyists is to request and buy locally bred fish in fish stores. Many stores will label fish they have purchased from hobbyists as locally bred as this is a positive selling point. Express your pleasure to the staff and managers at the stores that purchase from local people. If they know their customers like it, they will continue to do it. Buying locally bred fish from stores is probably one of the best ways to support other hobbyists as well as our hobby. If a store is buying fish from local sources then they are not buying them wild caught or from overseas and the fish will reach a greater group of people, not just the hard core enthusiasts.

Supporting other hobbyists supports our hobby.

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Dislocations, Jeff Kubina